The Need for Public Restrooms to Have Toilet Lids to Avoid Toilet Plume.  Avoiding Coronavirus. Tired of Holding It In.

"Public restrooms seriously need to have toilet covers on them. It's one thing to flush and get your own toilet plume on you, but to get everyone else's is even worse. That includes everyone that went in the toilet that you went in along with the other toilets. Misting yourself in bacteria, parasites and viruses with toilet plume is gross. A cesspool.  The toilet has pee, poop, puke and who knows what else in it.  Just waiting to find the next human host to hop on.  Misting myself in my own feces and piss is disgusting but along with other people's feces and piss it is even more disgusting. I am not into Synchronized Misting My Face with large public restrooms with 10 toilets all being used at once either. Mist showering in this is not what I want.  Catching Coronavirus from the public restroom and toilet plume is disgusting as well. Therefore, public restrooms need toilets with lids on them. I say this because when you have to go you have to go. It is rude to leave it for the next person because you don't want to flush it. This is a hygiene and safety issue. Currently, trying to avoid public restrooms until this changed unless it is an emergency. Other than that, I am especially avoiding the mist cloud of Coronavirus toilet plume so that I don't get Coronavirus from it. It's like a central hot zone in the public restrooms.  There should be a sign outside of it that says ‘Biohazard Zone.’  Thankfully, it’s the women’s bathroom for me."-Courtney Asunmaa