Courtney Asunmaa works also at Adagio Institute Inc. as an Associate. She conducts capital markets research; measure investment risk for both the public and other financial institutions; and facilitate broad access to exclusive risk-adjusted investment performance (6% - 8% fixed income, 20% - 25% RAP) that's otherwise only available to qualified purchasers (the top 0.1%).

Do you need help with an investment plan of investments? Are Social Security Retirement Benefits not going to be enough for you to retire with or you don't have it?  Do you think Social Security Retirement might run out of money during your retirement time or during the baby boomers' retirement?  I think it will run out of money.  Do you have a backup plan?  Do you want or need other income coming in for retirement?  Do you need help with a retirement plan to retire comfortably? Worried that you won't have enough when you retire or that you will run out of money during retirement? Want 7%+ Fixed Income & 25%+ and RAP via Exclusive, Institutional-Grade Assets Protected from Market Crises? -> Message me on my Contact Page on here or on LinkedIn (


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