By:  Courtney Asunmaa 

Risk is like having ten pools and picking which one to swim in and you can even raise the risk bar by throwing chum in the water. One pool has sharks. The next has alligators. The next has 15 mullet. The next has snapping turtles in it. The next has piranhas. The next has an anaconda. The next has electric eels. The eighth has water moccasins. The ninth has crocodiles in it. The tenth has crocodiles. 

Which one is the least risky to swim in if you don’t want to die and get a Darwin Award? You have to get into one pool. Which one do you pick for the least amount of risk? The risk here being death. Now assume you are a girl on her period. The risk jumps even higher up. There is risk and certain things heighten your risk. The lowest risk of dying while being in the pool would be with the 15 mullet. The correct answer would be the mullet being the least risky. All risk is not just using your common sense. It’s using mathematics. 


If you need risk measured by mathematics then our firm has a lot of options for that. We have a Risk Performance Calculator, a risk analysis where we measure the risk of your portfolio. 

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Peter Schiff, Founder of Euro Pacific Capital:

The problem with Peter Schiff is that he can’t predict when fundamental economic issues will manifest in asset pricing and that causes investors to lose money between financial crises.


For people who are not familiar with the Austrian School of economic thought and 

libertarian ideals but who have the intellectual curiosity to learn about the issues underly 

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Our firm is offering Third-Party Risk Analytics & Theoretical Track Record Construction to the RIA and independent broker-dealer community through comprehensive, quantitative risk measures for private alternative investments. Performance data is utilized to include a minimum of one complete market cycle in which we are able to meaningfully capture the market, idiosyncratic and tail risk. Every measurable variable that contributes to the performance is looked at.  Would you like your portfolio performance optimized?  Our firm does Risk Analytics Reporting and constructs theoretical track records and reports on Risk-Adjusted Performance for assets and portfolios.  Let me help out your investment portfolio, investment banking company, hedge fund company, private equity company, real estate company, RIA, Family Office or your company.

We offer Private Structured Products here that serve family offices, RIAs, qualifies purchasers, and other intermediaries that create financial products that meet performance and liquidity needs that are not available in the public capital markets. This is done by capturing arbitrage opportunities that are available through fragmented and inefficient markets. Some characteristics are open-end, institutional grade, risk-engineering, private fixed income, and equity structures. Other characteristics are alternative underlying assets, 12 to 24-month lock-up period, quarterly reporting, annual audits, third-party administration, and positive Alpha & low loss potential. You tell us what you and your client need and we construct it. 

Our firm offers investment banking for alternative investment managers. We work with an emerging best-in-class asset manager to maximize their risk-adjusted performance and fully access the capital markets. This in return gives our clients access to unlimited full-stack debt and/or equity capital on their terms through a dedicated fund. Where all advisory, securitization and distribution fees, and expenses are reimbursed to you upon sufficient capitalization and performance of the fund that results in our services being free in the end. 

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Risk and Why It Is Important For Investors to Measure:


By: Courtney Asunmaa

     Risk is defined as the degree of uncertainty of an asset's return. If a product has a higher risk then there is a higher chance that you will lose the money that you invested in it. The higher the risk would equivocate to a higher tolerance to lose your money. Your investments should take into account the risk that you are taking to lose money or to gain money. The safest bet to not lose money is to have no risk or low-risk. This goes for finance and investments including real estate. What is your risk tolerance? Do you have a high-risk tolerance, medium risk tolerance or a low-risk tolerance? When making an investment you should take into account how much risk you are willing to take. Risk is important in your investments. 

     In risk, you can use diversification and that is defined as allocating savings among different assets. This lowers your risk. Diversification can eliminate idiosyncratic risk, but not market risk. Where the greater your chance of receiving a return that is further away from the asset’s expected return results in the higher the risk is for the asset. Are you interested in risk and return and how you can use it in finance and investments to make money and better your life? 



     I have a Multi-Asset Fund that is a low risk that I am offering as an investment. This low-risk investment fund can weather the next inevitable recession. The best way to protect yourself and your money from a recession is to prepare for it so that it has little or no effect on you. 

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Risk Is Important: Why A Risk-Adjusted Performance Calculator For An Investor Is A Must: